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Afrogiving Project 2020 (Nov 27- 30)

By Korma Afrocontigbo

TUE NOV 24, 2020

Afrogiving Project

It's giving season and we connected with black women entrepreneurs to figure out the best way to support them as they support the community. We connected with women who run their small business mainly by themselves from start to finish. This year, we started small and searched in our 1st and 2nd connections to Afrocontigbo in Minnesota. If this goes well, we will do it again in December and go outside of our circle.5 other ways to support these entrepreneurs.

  1. Add business on social media
  2. Hit like 
  3. Leave a comment
  4. Share their story on you social media
  5. Buy their stuff
  6. Donate just because

*Please pls pls be patient with them. It's a one man shop

I hope you can find something here you love or are able to gift to someone else this giving season. Please let us know if you run into any issues while attempting to patronize these businesses .

"Small businesses ran by women are the lifeblood of our economy"